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Seashell Society

An invitation

Born from a life-long love affair with the ocean, and a deep reverence for the beauty of nature. Introducing the SEASIDE SOCIETY. For the modern romantics, the souvenir collectors, the dreamers at heart — welcome home.

Start your SEASHELL COLLECTION, treasured mementos of your peony journey.

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Collecting Seashells

Start your seashell collection, treasured mementos of your peony journey. As you earn points, you will progress through the tiers and gain exclusive rewards, access and more.

Sand 0–449 Points Pebbles 450–949 Points Seaschells 950+ Points
Welcome reward
Newsletter subscriber reward
Birthday gift
Next tier reward
Early access to new collections
Exclusive discounts
Free gift

How to Earn Seashells

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  • I.
    Become a Member
    200 Points
  • II.
    Join Our Mailing List
    100 Points
  • III.
    Make a Purchase
    $1 = 1 Point
  • IV.
    Complete a Review via Email
    300 Points
  • V.
  • VI.
  • VII.
  • VIII.
  • IX.

How It Works

In 3 easy steps, you can enjoy everything our rewards program has to offer. Depending on your spend, you'll benefit from one of our four tiers.

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Join the Program

Signing up is free & easy. Just sign-in to your Lack of Colour account, and enroll here. You’ll receive 200 points just for signing up and a bonus 100 if you are signed up to our mailing list!

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Shop to Earn

Once you're enrolled, most purchases you make will automatically add reward points to your account. Visit your loyalty dashboard to track your redeemable points.

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Enjoy Your Rewards

You can redeem your rewards during checkout on any order. You will receive bonus Gift Vouchers as you earn more points. You will also receive special birthday gifts and exclusive VIP access to sales and collection launches.